Sichuan Birding Sites

 The Sichuan circuit

This is name I have given to 9 sites that are regularly included in the itineraries of  visiting birders – Emei, Longcanggou (the Wawu area), Erlang Mountain, Wolong/Balang Pass, Mengbi, Ruoergai, Baxi, Jiuzhaigou and Tangjiahe

A combination of these sites take you into a mix of the major Sichuan birding habitats –

1 - The forests of the Sichuan basin, where avian diversity is influenced by a mix of the sub-tropical and temperate   – Emei and the Wawu Mountain area, which includes Longcanggou

2 – The temperate mixed and subalpine conifer forest of the Qionglai-Minshan Range (Hengduan Mountains) – Wolong/Balang, Erlang, Mengbi, Baxi, Jiuzhaigou and Tangjiahe

3 - The montane grasslands of the Eastern edges of the Tibetan Plateau – The Ruoergai Grasslands

Emei Mountain

Wawu Mountain area – including Longcanggou


Ruoergai Grassland




Chengdu Birding Sites

Dujiangyan and Qingcheng Mountains





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