Qinghai Summer 2022

Pictures from trip - under construction

streaked 3

Streaked Rosefinch male

streaked 2

Streaked Rosefinch very similar to Great Rosefinch but has a streaked back as compaired with the plain of Great.

antelope 1

A herd of buck Tibetan Antelope - males with split from females during the calving season - here seen in the Kekexili area of Western Qinghai

antelope 2

Tibetan Antelope were greatly reduced by hunting - the wool of the antelope was greatly prized in the production of shawls and padding filling for winter clothing - protection has seen populations recover


Glover's Pika - a great climber that inhabits rocks

Glovers 2

Glover's Pika

Bar headed

Bar-headed Geese - a single family 

Blue Bear

Tibetan Blue Bear - a ssp of Brown Bear - scanned this animal patrolling the high scree 

Kiang 2

Kiang - the Wild Ass of the Tibetan Plateau

Kiang 3

Kaing on the watch


A lone Tibetan Wolf 

wild yak

 A Bull Wild Yak - far bigger than its domestic relatives