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Still here birding and mammal watching and waiting for a break in Covid - as of December 2022, China has abruptly abandoned zero Covid policy, which brings closer the prospect of the country once again opening for birding. However, presently only those with work or family related visas can enter - but light at the end of the tunnel is slowly coming into view. Recent news is that travel restrictions for Hong Kong residents may be dropped at beginning of 2023.


scanning with shadow 2Sichuan, Yunnan and Qinghai specialist, the wildlife hotspots of China - with Sid Francis

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Pere Davids 3 small        Red Panda f small        Biets 2 small 2        sichuan hill 1 small new       Silver Oriole f small  

Ibisbill f small         Scaly sided merganser f small        yunnan f small           Raptor passage small                                                                                 


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