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Sichuan, Yunnan and Qinghai specialists - the wildlife hotspots of China

Still here - waiting for a break in Covid - as of January 2021, following the initial Wuhan outbreak, the level of infection in China is still very low  - however, entry is denied to non-Chinese nationals unless they have work or family visit visas. Depending on how effective vaccination proves on a global plan, the soonest we can presently hope for an opening in general tourism would be somewhere during the second half of 2021

Wildlife watching still possible for China based expats - Red Panda December 2020 with Sam Philips



New Birding highlights when China reopens

Biet's Laughingthrush and Derbyan Parakeet in SW Sichuan



Sichuan Hill Partridge and Silver Oriole in SE Sichuan



Wintering Ibisbill and Scaly-sided Merganser at Dujiangyan (just an hour's drive from Chengdu Airport - sightings 2019/2020/2021)



2021 Wolong Golden Pheasant Hide Project - read more here

      See the YouTube video 


New 2021 Revised Sichuan list - read here


New Chinese Bird Guides - English common names, splits included and excellent plates  - read more here



Qinghai Snow Leopards - see our film on YouTube



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