The following list is not meant to be a definitive checklist of all the birds recorded in Sichuan – but a pragmatic list over birds that we think it’s important for visiting birders to know are Sichuan possibilities. Looking at multiple trip lists will soon give the prospective visitor an idea of what is possible over a couple of weeks in Sichuan – but with improving transport infrastructure, species becoming more accessible through feeding for photography and discovery of new birding sites through an increasing number of observers, those lists, when matched with current birding possibilities soon get to be dated in relation to present day trip preparation.
The list differs from that found in Avibase since that seems to be built on presumed distributions and records that must include historic sightings. Making a list in this manner gives a number of species, although exciting and endemic but with no modern records, whose Sichuan status is uncertain and in some cases very doubtful.


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A list based on pubilicly available lists and records and our own Sichuan birding experience. The lists were last updated  February 2021

The term Wawu area includes Longcanggou




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