2021 Snow Leopards

Many new Snow Leopard sightings over 2021 and into 2022. Last trip was April on Qinghai border close to Yushu. Qinghai and NW Sichuan are now giving some wonderful chances for both Snow Leopard watching and photography. Also you have the added bonus of decent hotels in nearby towns such as Yushu and Shiqu and the availability of the airport for easy access at Yushu. Other animals in the area also make for great viewing - Wolves, Tibetan Fox, Pallas's Cat, Kiang, White lipped Deer, Alpine Musk Deer, McNeil's Wapiti and the occasional Lynx and Tibetan Blue Bear, Go further west and Tibetan Antelope and Wild Yak are also on the list.

Snow Leopard Qinghai 800

Snow Leopard 2 Qinghai 800

Snow Leopard 3 Qinghai 800