We're a Welsh/Chinese couple, based in Chengdu, who have a wealth of Sichuan birding and mammal watching experience. During the last 15 years we've also had the pleasure of helping hundreds of birding visitors with their Sichuan trips - taking on both the normal Sichuan birding route and remoter areas off the beaten track. With a combination of birding and local knowledge, we can accommodate both the serious and focused lister and those who want to combine more leisurely watching with the pleasure of visiting an area rich in scenic and cultural interest.

We have experience with individuals and groups and can offer the following forms of support -

  • bird and mammal guiding – with more than 15 year’s Sichuan/China experience, Our China birding and mammal knowledge is among the best in the region
  • transport - safe, intelligent driving and a comprehensive experience of the local roads - we can also help those who want a transport only package
  • detailed pre-trip advice that helps you better plan and organise your Sichuan birding trip
  • guiding that also caters for photographers
  • a tailor made trip-plan for each client - that can cater for both budget birders and those who need a bit more luxury

To find out more contact us on - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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