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Wolong Panda Kingdom can offer a full range of travel services for both individual tourists and groups. Sichuan itineraries can be included into both round-China type tours and Sichuan only type packages. These itineraries can take on specific themes, such as Giant Panda, nature and scenery, cultural or general tourism that combines a variety of elements. We can further focus down to provide specialist services that cater for specific activities, such as trekking, photography or bird and mammal watching. Part of our Sichuan experience and expertise is working out a specific itinerary that suites your travel needs.

Giant Panda Tours
Wolong is not only located within national nature reserve that was founded to protect the breeding habitat of Giant Panda but also contains two panda breeding research centres, one of which is open for public visits. Within easy driving distance, four other Giant Panda research centres are also found in Sichuan – Chengdu, Bifengxia and two at Dujiangyan. Wolong Panda Kingdom can offer Giant Panda themed tours that can take you any or all of these sites. And although seeing a Giant Panda in the wild is an extremely difficult and rare occurrence, we can take you into Giant Panda habitat. For more information on Giant Pandas Centres in Wolong please read here. For Panda Centres in Sichuan read here, and of our experiences in finding both Red and Giant Panda in the wild, read here.

Sichuan Scenic Tours
The wild rugged mountain landscapes found in the west of Sichuan provide a wealth of stunning scenery. Mountain passes, that often take visitors to altitudes in excess of 4,000 metres, provide an amazing roof of the world experience. Further west and Sichuan rises onto the Tibetan Plateau, where rolling grasslands, guilded monastaries, grazing yak and brightly coloured prayer flags all become part of the scene. Sichuan is famed for its natural beauty with more mainstream tourist destinations like the amazing cobalt blue lakes of Jiuzhaigou and the lush forest landcapes of Emei Mountain long attracting throngs of local visitors. Tours can include road trips, hiking and extended stays at scenic sites – for more information on scenic Sichuan please read here.

Cultural Tours
Obviously, the story of Sichuan isn’t just about a landscape but also a tale about a people and their culture. Like the rest of China, it’s a province built on foundations of ancient history and tradition, a human story of innovation, strife and continual development. Sichuan gives a trip from the ultra-modern bustle of megacity Chengdu to the seemingly timeless lifestyle of the Tibetan Grasslands. A tour of pre-history with amazing artifacts from the lost civilisation of San Xing Dui, to relics of past dynastic empires at sites like Leshan Big Buddha and Emei Mountain, evidence of ancient technological advance with the two thousand year old Dujiangyan irrigation system, while still being able to offer travel on high speed trains and the chance of exploring city warehouses full of high-tech gadgetry. And with its famous cuisine, that ranges from the fiery spices of Sichuan hotpot to the more subtle pleasures of traditional tea tasting, Sichuan culture can offer a further travel experience to each and every sense. To find out more about Sichuan cultural sites and its cuisine please read here.

Specialist Tours
Many years’ experience leading trekking and bird and mammal watching/photography tours find us well equipped to offer tailormade itineraries with regard to specialist travel requirements. Tours that focus on specific areas, subjects, pursuits and interests are possible, and if we can’t provide the service, we are always willing to advise and try to link you with others who can. If you want to read more about specialist services we can provide, photography, bird/mammal watching and hiking, please read here.


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