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Study Tours of Wolong Giant Panda Reserve for Junior and High School Students
Wolong Panda Kingdom has devised a programme that is designed to introduce both students and staff to the natural history and culture of this area. Lessons on how local life has been influenced, shaped and defined by the forces of nature. Our course will range from a study of biodiversity to aspects of the Giant Panda conservation efforts, and also touch on how the local population was affected by the massive earthquake of 2008. Through guides, rich in local knowledge, field trips within the reserve and study visits to sites like Genda Panda Research Centre we will combine the best of nature and local culture in an entertaining and thought-provoking educational package.

We can offer multi-day education packages that include English language guides, local wildlife and cultural experts, comfortable accommodation within short distances of our study sites, safe and reliable transport, local cuisine and opportunities for both study and local sightseeing.

Itineraries can be customized to suit tours that plan on visiting other sites within China or Sichuan and we can work in cooperation with travel agencies that manage other parts of an educational package.

Pictures From Wolong Panda Kingdom Study Tours

Gengda Giant Panda Breeding Centre. A guided tour around the establishment, where students follow a panda keeper volunteer routine. Feed preparation and enclosure cleaning have been among chores carried out by previous groups.


Prepairing Panda Cake at Genda Panda Breeding Centre


Wolong National Nature Reserve. Together with local experts, field trips can be made into the Wolong NNR, where the students can experience the natural habitat of both Giant and Red Panda. 



Visiting the Yingxiu earthquake memorial. During 2008 Sichuan was hit by a huge earthquake that caused at least 70,000 deaths. Wolong was extremely close to the epicentre and many of the buildings you see in the town have been built as part of an earthquake relief construction project. Yingxiu is a town, forty kilometres to the east, which suffered devastating damage and was subsequently completely rebuilt. As a memorial, a section of old ruins, which contain the local school, have been preserved. Local guides will recount the disaster and their experiences.


Wolong Natural History Museum. An educational resource that is located in Wolong Village.