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Twice the size of the United Kingdom, occupying much of the Eastern Tibetan Plateau, Sichuan is a province of incredible scenic beauty, fascinating culture and history and the home to some of world’s rarest and most enigmatic nature.

Perhaps its most famous inhabitants are the Giant Panda, and just a couple of hours drive from Chengdu City, and its international airport, lies Wolong National Nature Reserve, a huge Tibetan area of forest and high, craggy, snow peaked mountains, China’s largest panda reserve. Wolong Panda Kingdom is run by locals who are based at the heart of this habitat – bringing you the China you never knew existed.

Wolong Panda Kingdom can offer tailor-made packages both for groups and individuals – itineraries that are customized to suit the specialist, study groups or the general tourist. We include English language guides, local wildlife and cultural experts, comfortable accommodation, safe and reliable transport, sampling the wide variety of local cuisine, while also being able to catering for those with specific dietary needs, and opportunities for both serious study and more relaxed local sightseeing. We can show you Sichuan through journeying into wilderness, museum or city – we range from wild nature guide and expert through to souvenir shopping companion.

Apart from general tourism, sightseeing and study, our packages can encompass specific pursuits such as landscape/wildlife/butterfly/flower photography, hiking, bird and mammal watching and Sichuan cuisine/cooking. Our staff have over 10 years of experience working with foreign guests – an expertise in doing our best to providing you with exactly what you need