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Wolong is a Sichuan village located in the very heart of China’s largest Giant Panda Conservation area – Wolong is synonymous with Giant Panda conservation, Wolong National Nature Reserve houses the largest concentration of wild animals in China. The area also boasts two Giant Panda breeding centres, a wealth of stunning scenery, Tibetan culture, exciting cuisine and a unique wealth of natural treasures. 

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A travel experience run by Wolong locals.

Manager of Wolong Panda Kingdom, Wan Fugui comes from a long lineage of Wolong Tibetans who have traditionally farmed the valleys and grazed the high grasslands with their yak and goats. In the past, remote and difficult to reach, visitors were few, but new road connections, that include many kilometres of tunnel bypassing winding mountain passes, now mean a quick and easy connection with Chengdu and the rest of modern China. Fugui still closely relates to the traditional values of the area and through his experiences working with both local and international conservation agencies also appreciates the importance of protecting and preserving Wolong, not only as natural habitat but also as a sustainable ecological resource for locals and visitors alike. An excellent English speaker, an experienced guide, a hotel owner and a local expert, Fugui welcomes you to Wolong for a trip to the heart of Giant Panda territory and a gateway to the best of scenic and cultural Sichuan.