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According to the Mammals of Sichuan site at - With only 7% of China's total land area, Sichuan Province, together with adjacent Chongqing, holds 45% of China's vertebrate animal species and 41% of the mammal species.

Our main seasons for mammal watching is during autumn and early spring. We have three main locations

Ruoergai/Baxi - on the eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau gives an interesting selection of both alpine grassland and alpine forest species. Highlights here include Pallas's Cat, Chinese Mountain Cat, Tibetan Fox and Wolf.

The Hengduan Mountains South and west of Chengdu - Our red panda sites are fairly close to Chengdu, Sites include Wolong/Balang, Longacaggou and Labahe

Tangjiahe - located on the northern edge of the Sichuan Basin, this forest park gives tremendous mammal watching opportunities. Highlights include Takin, Chinese Serow, Chinese Goral, Hog Badger, Leopard Cat, Himalayan Palm Civet, Forest Musk Deer, Tufted Deer, Golden Snub Nosed Monkey, Tibetan Macaque

Mammals photographed -

Pallas's Cat

A Pallas's Cat with Kitten in Qinghai - this is now a regular species at Ruoergai


Chinese Mountain Cat

Chinese Mountain Cat Ruoergai


 Plateau Pika - Ruoergai


 Gansu Pika - a tentative ID since a certain ID's of these Pikas depend on skul measurement. Baxi area


Large-eared Pika - close to Dege


 Himalayan Palm Civet - Wanglang


 Chinese Goral _ Wolong


Asian Black Bear - West of Wawu


Blue Sheep - Balang


Red Panda - Wawu


Chinese Serow - Wolong


Himalayan Marmot - Litang


Complex-toothed Flying Squirrel - Wanglang


Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel - Old Erlang Road


Perny's Long-nosed Squirrel - NE Sichuan


Pallas's Squirrel - Qingchengshan


Swinhoe's Striped Squirrel from Jiuzhaigou


Golden Snub Nosed Monkey

 Golden Snub Nosed Monkey at Tangjiahe


Tibetan Macaque - Wolong


This could be Sorex bedfordiae or Lesser Striped (Emei) Shrew- the stripe, which wasn't too evident, should run down its back. Picture taken at the top of wawu.


 Mountain Weasel at around the 4000m mark on the Balang Pass.


Tibetan Fox - Ruoergai


Tufted Deer - west of Kanding


Siberian Roe Deer - 2 deer being attacked by 2 Golden Eagles at Ruoergai. The deer escaped.


 Wolf - Ruoergai


Takin - Tangjiahe


Golden Snub-nosed Monkey - a dead animal at Wolong.


Yellow-throated Martin - from Moxi. We've watched live animals at Baxi and Tangjiahe


 Gansu Mole - Wanglang. watched live animals here and at the west of Wawu